This is an old fashion Karen shirt. Today less people wear the traditional style.

Women's Clothes

She is wearing a traditional Karen dress.

We Are Refugees

Next month, several of my friends will resettle in an American city called Utica. I am happy for them because they will have better opportunities there. I have lived in the refugee camp for 10 years but I do not want to resettle. I want to stay close to my homeland and one day return to my place of birth.


In our culture the young take care of the old.


My friend shaved his daughter's head because she caught lice.

Jesus Loves Me

Karen people love Jesus and Che.


We have many shops inside the refugee camp. Some are more expensive than others.


Many organizations offer help. Some are run by foreigners. Others have local Karen leadership.


In this building they make prosthetic limbs for land mine victims. The Burmese military puts land mines everywhere even around our schools and farmland.